Dying Light Definitive Edition Presented

Techland has prepared a farewell to the first Dying Light game. The Dying Light Definitive Edition will be released tonight, marking the end of the development process for the game. Dying Light Definitive Edition, which will collect all the DLC developed so far under a single key, will attract attention in the early days with its reduced price.

The pack that will replace Dying Light Platinum Edition, currently sold for 99 TL, will be the only pack available for purchase. Owners of the Dying Light Platinum Edition will automatically receive the Definitive Edition. Techland says that this way first time players won’t be intimidated and will get all the DLC at the same time.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dying Light was a big success for Techland. The game, which continues to grow in sales despite being on the market for about seven years, has managed to revive its developer with a sequel. The developer, who will bundle 26 different DLCs in one bundle with the Definitive Edition, will also be giving away the Harran Tactical Unit Bundle to anyone who purchases the bundle within two weeks.


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