NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope suffers first accident in space

NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope suffers first accident in space

NASA’s new most powerful space telescope James Webb was struck by a larger-than-expected micrometeoroid in late May . it was stated that shards of the mirror caused noticeable damage to one of them. The mission team will need to correct the visual distortion caused by the impact, but NASA says the telescope is still operating at a level that exceeds all mission requirements.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is an incredibly powerful next-generation space telescope designed by the agency to peer into the far reaches of the universe and look back in time to see stars and galaxies that formed all at once after the Big Bang. Clap. took over 20 years to build and cost NASA approximately $10 billion. It was launched into space in early 2021 and went through an extremely difficult deployment process before reaching its final destination, about 1.6 million kilometers from Earth.

Engineers can usually avoid collision by moving mirrors and JWSTs if a collision is predicted from space. The problem here was that the micrometeoroid was not part of the shower. NASA described the accident as ” inevitable coincidence “. Because the JWST will stand alone in space for many years, NASA engineers have built the device to be extremely durable. Because it is so far away, it cannot be repaired like the Hubble Space Telescope in low Earth orbit .

The failure does not affect the operation of the JWST. The telescope, which is currently in the process of final adjustment, is expected to send its first official images back to Earth on July 12.


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