Phone on the theme of the Metaverse from HTC: the date is indicated


Phone on the theme of the Metaverse from HTC: the date is indicated

, which has long since left the global smartphone market HTC , wants to return with the frenzy of the metaverse. Offering several smartphones only to Taiwanese users last year , HTC wants to focus on AR and VR with its Viverse model .

When will HTC Viverse be announced?

With the latest announcement from HTC HTC Viverse the release date has been announced. According to information from the company’s social media accounts, HTC Viverse will go on sale on June 28 . Viverse, which has been attracting attention to date with its leaked features, wants to offer end-to-end integration into the world of the metaverse.

The details of the ” Introducing the Future ” event that the Taiwanese company announced some time ago remain clear. In fact, the company has not yet provided any information about the smartphone, but the Viverse logo suggests that the device may be related to the metaverse. A VR/AR-enabled phone can make it easier to enter the metaverse.

Although there are quite a few new models of smartphones from the Taiwanese manufacturer, they are far from being produced phones, he does not give up. Recently, the company has been developing devices for lovers of the latest technology. The new Viverse is expected to offer integration with the Metaverse .

However, it should be noted that the Viverse model is not the first device in which HTC follows the latest technologies. At a time when the concept of blockchain was on the rise, the company announced a smartphone Exodus 1 with blockchain technology. However, this did not have a big impact on the market.

With Viverse, which will be announced on June 28, we will see a closer adaptation of the smartphone world to the Metaverse. It will also become known how successful the company will be on the AR / VR side after the blockchain trial.

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