Rumor has it that God of War Ragnarok has been pushed back to 2023

According to Gamereactor, God of War Ragnarok recently experienced a delay, which pushed the game back to 2023. The website says he “confirmed the news from various European sources.”

Sony has not made any statement regarding the allegations.

In a post on Resetera, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier said he was skeptical of the claim. “While it’s hard to prove otherwise, anyone who might have known this firsthand told me they hadn’t heard of the postponement until 2023, and Anyone who might have known it secondhand knows,” Schreyer says.

Before Gamereactor published this article, it was said that the game’s release date on the PlayStation Network had been changed from September 30th to December 31st. This is the find of a Twitter account called PlayStation Game Size that collects data about new apps added to PSN.

If there is such a delay, Sony can avoid a reaction by announcing the exact release date with a nice trailer. Who knows, maybe we’ll see this trailer these days.


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