Stranger Things will not air weekly in its final season.

After the epic fourth season of Stranger Things, which tops Netflix original content, the finale is one step away. Various claims have been made about the series ending with a fifth season. One of them was that last season the show switched to a weekly broadcast format. Fortunately, Netflix immediately responded to the problem and announced that the final season of Stranger Things would be added to the streaming service with all its episodes.

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North American screenwriter Peter Friedlander, “. I think it would be a shame to change that. Don’t give them exactly what they want, which is a seasonal Stranger Things experience. I think it would be a stupid decision to make such a change.” , giving exactly the answer the fans wanted. Netflix, which dedicates a whole day to Stranger Things for the Netflix Geeked event, is not going to leave the brand so easily. In the near future, we will see spin-off series or Stranger Things movies.