The coolest gift for fathers; Groom Twine

Whether they are linen shirts that create a feeling of lightness for a weekend shirt, pants with a nice shirt, knit fabrics with the lightness of the shirt.comfort and elegance of the jacket …

If you want, start with comfortable techno-fancy suits or knitted sneakers that redefine freedom … These are all among the gift options that you can gift to your father for a unique existence.

In addition, those who prefer gift options with unique comfort and combinations will be surprised. Until June 19, Damat Tween stores will offer a discount of 1,200 TL for purchases of 6,000 TL or more at current sales prices for the spring / summer 2022 season.

Sustainable and forward-looking Damat Tween collections; It is possible to reach Damat Tween stores, and the mobile application Damat Tween!

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