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What is the 10 Minute Mail?

10 Minute Mail is a disposable secure email service. This means a secure anonymous account that anyone can use. The email and chats will be deleted in 10 minutes, so you don't have to worry about security or spams.


Why would I use 10 Minutes Mail?


The biggest reason to use a temporary email service like 10 Minutes Mail is that you have to give your real email address to a website you don't trust. Many websites force you to register so that you can use the site. The vast majority of these websites will send you SPAM constantly, or worse still, they will not provide a guarantee to protect your personal information. 10  Minutes Mail allows you to securely share an email address that only exists for 10 minutes, so there is no risk of spam. You can get your temporary mail address from https://1vk.net/ if the website asks you to send your activation subject to this mail to share your e-mail address. You can also respond to some sites that request a reply with this temporary mail address.

What happens to my Disposable Email after the 10 minutes?

After your e-mail address has expired, that is, after 10 minutes, all your mail and information will be deleted. There is no way to get back the deleted information. For this reason, you should not use the temporary email address in important correspondence.

How to use the 10 Minutes Mail?

It is very easy. Firstly, visit our website https://1vk.net/ . On the home page, you will immediately get a temporarily generated mailbox. There is no activation code or any access permission. To copy your temporary email address, click on the button near the address, and you can start using it. All mails are coming quickly and the list of inbox emails is located below.

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